Day 19 - Dreambuilding

Hello loves! I want you to take a moment to view the flyer attached to this post. Yes of course its a Beadbody Black Friday sale and as much as I want you to know about the sale, I really want to reflect on the fact that this was once just a thought. A need. A dream. A vision. And I was scared y'all lol. And some days I still am. I appreciate GOD for allowing entrepreneurship to keep me in gratitude and humility simultaneously. Most of my best prayers are followed by a slight chuckle and by this point in my life I clearly know who GOD is but still in the back of my mind I know there is no challenge too great for GOD and I love surprises.


After working 7 hours today at the yoga studio and at Beadbody, I spent another 7 hours at home on my computer dream building. All because I identified a need within myself and the solution resonates with many as the need is common and important. Most people think dreams are something far fetched but in most cases they're the result of a reachable need satisfied. We just need a bit of a nudge or direction. 


As we hold space for ourselves, how can we carve out intentional time for our visions so we may dream build. There are so many people waiting on our gifts. We must ask ourselves, what are we waiting on? If you knew GOD had your back no matter what and no obstacle was too great what would you do, dream or create? Look in the mirror and say these words "Self, GOD is big, and I mean BIG. You can do anything because GOD says so. GOD is within and you will never be without. Doing GODS work will never leave you void". You can even make this a prayer or mantra if you'd like. 

Now, what is the vision? Journal about it and list 3 people you think would be helpful on your journey. It doesn't matter if you know them personally or not and if no one comes to mind, list the role. For example: "Christine because she is good at marketing OR a professional marketer/social media influencer". No limits, just avenues. Sit with that beloved.


Tune in Tuesday at 12 midnight (late Monday night y'all lol) for the Beadbody Black Friday Sale launching on my Moms birthday! 


Peace and Love,


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