Day 20 - Be the bridge, not the troubled waters

Good evening everyone. I hope your weekend is restful and joyful. I tied a client today that is extremely helpful in her community. We talked about her career and how she stood in the gap recently for a young client. I shared with her how meaningful it was for her to be in that space with her client, reducing exposure to what could have been trauma. My client took her past experience and re-wrote this young girls (her clients) story. 2 people won that day. No wrinkle in the fabric of life suffered and my client was able to heal a bit in that moment. 


Take a moment to reflect. At some point we have all been someones "trauma blocker" and I believe that is GODS work. We must be mindful of our exposure and if the situation can heal us or hurt us. I'm so thankful this situation healed and helped all parties involved. Can you think of a time when you were hurt in the process of helping someone? Now think of a time when helping someone helped you also even if it was just by putting a smile on your face. What are the biggest differences in the two events? Did GOD call you to do so or was it a trauma bond or trigger that compelled you to stand in? Don't judge yourself, just reflect. 


How can we hold space for ourselves long enough to assess if we are answering our calling or answering unhealed wounds?


Peace and love, 


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