Day 21 - Pure Heart Launched today!

One day before my moms birthday I launched my new LLC in honor of her. I'm so thankful she is here to see it and she is proud. Through tough times, she always says "Keep a pure heart" and now my mindfulness practice is focused exactly on that. You guys I've been building my website spending 14+ hours a day on the computer, creating merchandise, my logo, my branding kit, uploading Black Friday deals to Beadbody, gift cards, promo codes you name it lol. All that to say, IF & WHEN YOU WANT TO, YOU WILL! GOD is on YOUR SIDE. Don't wait until the new year to be a better you. Take 2 steps this week and make it happen. I love y'all and appreciate you dearly. Take a look at what I've been working on at


Beadbody Black Friday launches 11/22 at Midnight and the promo code is automatic so all you have to do is shop! 

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