Day 8 - Open post

I've been thinking. On a lot. And quite honestly this is what this challenge is about. I've been reflecting. Self talking as much as possible. Out Loud......

What I've come to realize is there is an inner conversation going on with me that if I'm not careful, I'll miss it. I spent some time listening to music I like. You know, the good mood playlists. I've also been listening to the words of some "upbeat" songs and have realized I don't like them that much anymore. 

I want to be careful with me. Careful about what I pour into me. Because it goes into my inner talk. That if I'm not quiet enough, I'll miss. Then there's you. Me pouring into you. Here in this challenge and in this space. I'm particular about you so I must first be particular about myself. I've curated a safe space for you, therefore I must be mindful to curate for myself first. 

The more attentive I can be to myself the more attentive I can be to you and for you. Now, walk through that whole experience. Its your turn. Have you curated a space for you? To sing, write, heal, pray, cry, laugh, meditate or anything? Do you have a space, an area or a blanket that is only yours? What can you choose and name as yours. Your safety. Your boundary. Your tangible token of a pause so that you can be with yourself. To be quiet. To be still. And to listen to the inner conversations you may be missing. How's your playlist? Are the songs reflective of where you were or where you are heading? Do you smile or experience sadness when you listen? Does driving with music flood your thoughts? Would you prefer a silent drive occasionally? You need you more than anyone else right now. You need your love, your time, your energy and for whatever else you need, no one knows it like you. 

You deserve to hold space for yourself. This challenge is an opportunity for you to experience the depth of your love. Take it. 


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