Day 9 - Video record yourself

Todays affirmation activity:


“I am LOVE & LOVE is more than ENOUGH. I am more than enough.”


  1. Read this silently
  2. Read it again out loud
  3. Read it out loud in the mirror giving yourself eye contact
  4. Now video record yourself saying this to yourself. This recording is for your eyes only.

Write about how these words made you feel. Did it trigger something? Did you believe yourself? Did you feel worthy? You are so worthy of the love you give. We will revisit our personal recordings later in the challenge.


*You are free to share in the comments  whatever you’re comfortable sharing during the challenge only if YOU choose to do so. Sharing your journal content is not & will never be required 🤍✨#SAFEspace

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  • Something I am definitely working on! That affirmation is getting posted!

    Danielle Cave

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