About Us


Beadbody was founded by Nina Powell, former Fire Investigator & Army Veteran. After 18 years of combined service, healing from service became her priority. On her prayerful personal healing journey she discovered waistbeads, an ancient African tradition of faith & mindfulness. As a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, Nina knew how important it was to practice healing and self care while allowing her them to bear witness to what GOD can truly do. Through faith in brokenness, vulnerability & weakness came restoration, affirmation and strength. For over 3 years Nina has been creating & tying waistbeads in Indianapolis and beyond. “Healing is for everybody. I just want as many women as possible to remember who they are & what they are created for”, says Nina.


Waistbeads are for all women honoring your body just as you are. For honoring your path as your journey unfolds and your prayers & intentions as you rediscover the amazing creation you truly are. When you align with your intentions the atmosphere shifts. You deserve a meaningful healing journey, you deserve Beadbody🤍✨