Q: Can I sleep, shower or workout in these?

A: Of course! They are created to be your second skin and move with you through your daily activities


Q: How long do they last? What if they break?

A: History says they last until your journey is complete according to your intentions. Some have lasted months while others have lasted well over 2 years


Q: Is it ok for all women of color or non women of color to wear waistbeads?

A: Beadbody waistbeads are for ALL women . Culturally waistbeads must be created by a woman of African descent in which beadbody waistbeads are. We are committed to teaching the history & intention of waistbeads to everyone. Through these teachings and understanding of our practice, each person is tied from the heart centered in cultural appreciation.

Q: What kind if material is used to create them?

A: Most commonly they are glass beads strung on antimicrobial string, not cotton, preventing any mold or mildew build up preventing sour odors.

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